• Love donation, a total of anti-epidemic companies to console the government to fight against the epidemic frontline staff



        On February 14, in will be coronavirus pneumonia in the epidemic prevention and control work, general manager of yong-jun yuan represents the essence pharmaceutical group nantong co., LTD and nantong xuan pharmaceutical co., LTD., with a shortage of outbreak of masks, gloves, and instant noodles and drinks condolences supplies come to rudong YangKou Town government, with the company's practical action to help the epidemic prevention and control work, reveal the enterprise social responsibility.

        It is understood that all the staff of the yangkou town government have been on the frontline of fighting against the epidemic since before the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is a time for family reunion, they put down their parents, their wives and children, regardless of their own safety, for the people to build a coronavirus life protection wall, protect the lives of the people's health, this spirit of upstream let a person admire!

        Pan xiangxiang, head of the yangkou town government, accepted the donation on behalf of the government. Her company thank you on behalf of the government, care for fighting in the front line staff, epidemic prevention and control for the government to win the battle of prevention and control of morale, brace provides the material support, the support from the government believes that all parties in society, the whole society in all-round, total resistance to disease, must be able to win the prevention and control of COVID - 19 sniping action."



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